Being a Pimp in the Age of Pandemic

By now, we’ve learned all about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Uber drivers, artists, movie theaters, and so on. But what about sex work? If you’re not a regular client, you probably don’t know anything about how the coronavirus has impacted prostitutes and pimps.


In this exclusive interview, we’ve chatted with A.J., a 10-G’s-a-week pimp who will remain anonymous for obvious reasons. Check out what he had to say on being a pimp in the age of a pandemic!

“Tell Us How It Was Before the Pandemic”

Well, you’ve probably seen what we do as pimps from movies and similar sh*t. Let me start by telling you that things have changed a lot in the sex work world. Most people think that pimps are criminals who dabble in sexual exploitation, force women to work, or are involved with human trafficking. But pro pimps like myself take this job very seriously.


I don’t see my women and girls as my “products.” I have a strict business relationship with them. Like, I am just a simple middleman who helps female sex workers find clients and sell sex to make money. Also, I think the pimp-escort dynamic works better than a solo hooker who organizes her own clients.

Obviously, I make ads, find the right connections, and set women up on dates. Then, I collect my fee. I don’t push my girls into doing anything they don’t want to. Plus, I always make sure that they are comfortable. I provide protection for my girls and keep them safe from violence or clients who don’t want to pay.


Overall, this dynamic used to be simple and profitable. I could make around 10 G’s a week working with several girls. It was actually real easy to bring in the cash while avoiding a trip to the police department.

“How Did You Adjust During the Lockdown?”

Oh man, everything has changed! There are some good and bad things about being in the sex industry now. When all of this started, we were all out of work for a few months. Like, guys wanted to f*ck more than ever because they were locked up for weeks. But I had to stop any home orders for a while until I knew that my girls were safe.


Basically, to get back on my feet and provide income for the girls, I first relied on my regulars. I’ve always had a couple of clients and closest contacts. I knew I could rely on them to stay healthy. I just needed them to get tested along with my girls, and everything was cool then. Still, my clientele dropped a lot after the lockdown. But I kept my business rolling through online platforms. Think OnlyFans, Stripchat, Chatrubate, and so on…

“How Do You Make Sure Your Girls Are Safe?”

I’m assuming you know that most sex workers have shifted to online work during the lockdown. Like, having sex with someone remotely is a completely different jam. But that isn’t necessarily bad. If all of my escorts work online, they stay completely safe. There’s no direct contact, no need for constant testing. My girls feel much more secure on this gig.


First, I talk to the girls to see what they want to do. Then, we find a platform, and I take care of everything. That includes setting up accounts, dealing with money matters, sending requests to new users, and so on. After that, it’s pretty straightforward. The girls try their best to look hot while performing online, and everyone is safe and happy.


However, making someone feel good on a webcam is completely different compared to sex in real life. What I was most surprised with is that lots of my regulars and newer clients are fully aware of the situation. Like, they know the risks, and even though they’re horny as heck right now, they don’t push me into bringing them girls to f*ck in person.

“Are You Earning More Now Than Before?”

We are getting heaps of bizarre requests from dudes. My girls would never have tried them before the lockdown. You know, a guy eats poppers and asks his hooker to humiliate him while shoving marbles up his ass, telling him she’s his mommy while smearing milk all over herself, that kind of stuff… Right now, business is getting back to normal, at least in terms of what we are earning.


It took a few months until I was able to get back on track and consider the best methods to save my business. In the end, the coronavirus gave me a new outlook on my work and offered me some new business models.


By working online, I can bring in more girls since they can contact me easily. Also, lots of new girls are willing to try online sex because it’s not as risky or demanding. I have women who make hundreds of dollars just talking to clients and acting like their GFs. Findom is on the rise too, you know, that fetish where guys want to get humiliated financially by girls. That brings in tons of cash currently. And obviously, we are getting more customers. Tons of single guys are seeking out virtual sex with prostitutes simply because they can’t stay locked up forever.

“Do You See Yourself Going Back to the Old Ways?”

Who knows… My girls and I are all making good money now and all with much less effort. Like, the escorts don’t have to get tested every week for STIs because they do not have physical contact with clients.


As I said, it’s also much easier on the women when guys ask for certain fetishes and kinks. Some of the girls still love to shove monster dildos up their asses on cam and squirt all over their bedroom though.

And that’s another thing that shows me this new way of business is actually better. The girls are much more into f*cking and showing off their goods on cam compared to in real life. This applies to private shows, group shows, paid videos, and so on. It makes them feel better, safer, and it actually brings them much more fun and pleasure while working. So yes, I doubt I’ll go back to the old ways any time soon!