Are Yoni Eggs for Everyone?

A delivery does a lot with your body. Your uterus stretches out, your skin stretches, you can take a different posture and your pelvic floor muscles become slack. All not so bad, but it is important that you train this last group. If you have given birth, you will often receive tips and tricks from your maternity assistant to make them stronger. Good news: there are also yoga exercises for the pelvic floor muscles! Call it yoni yoga or vaginal yoga and you can use the yoni egg. So what size of yonieggs to use?

If you do not train your pelvic floor muscles, you may suffer from them. Especially as the number of children you get increases. For example, you may suffer from mild incontinence, a difficult bowel movement, and fatigue, pain during intercourse and pain in the lower abdomen. You do not feel empowered as a woman and you can even feel insecure. All is not nice. A stone egg, usually made of nephrite better known as ‘jade’ that you have to bring in and with which you can strengthen the muscles.

Girl Power

It may take some getting used to think of inserting tampon first time but it seems to give you a lot of strength afterwards. It is better for the blood circulation and the female energy is perfect. Well, how do you work? Buy a yoni egg first. You can buy them from various online shops, but you might have a store nearby where they sell these eggs. These are often the more spiritual stores. You can choose from different types of stone, so look where you prefer.

Every egg comes with a manual, so read it carefully. Somewhere it feels crazy to ‘bring in’ something, because maybe you’re afraid you’ll lose it. So make it a ritual and find a quiet place. In the evening before you go to sleep is also a good one. You lie down your back and bring it in. Put your feet on the ground and move your pelvis up and down. This will cause the egg to move. This strengthens the muscles. You can also honor a piece of string through the egg, so that you can “squeeze” it yourself inside and out. It’s worth the shot! There are also website, where a lot of interesting information can be found. It is certainly a good and beneficial exercise, even if you think it is a bit too sticky. Just try!

We now know what you do not want to stop in your smooch. But what if you do want to put something in it and that does not work because it’s a little dry down there? All shame on the side, today we make lubricant!

Gut man, what do you think up again? You have to be a bit of a hippie for it. But well, goat wool socks are nice and warm in the winter. And admit: this is the ultimate DIY. But first let’s see why you would actually want to, make yourself a lubricant.

Dry stuff


The vagina naturally causes moisture and mucus. Fortunately, otherwise it squeaks when cycling. There are several causes for a drier vagina. For example, the production of vaginal fluid and mucus differs during your cycle. You start with blood of course not from your vagina but from your womb. After that, more and more fertile mucus is produced until you glide away from your chair just before ovulation. The mucus is thin and slippery, you can draw wires from it that may sound a little dirty but honest: you just hear this as a woman. These are the days of panty liners and natural wash cloths.

This fertile mucus forms as little barrier as possible for any sperm passing along, so that you can be fertilized after all, just about the biological function of a woman, even if not everyone is looking forward to it. If you do not fertilize, you dry up. At some point, they even become mucus plugs. This is the moment when the lubricant is pulled out of the cupboard, because even though you are excited: your fluid glands do not always cooperate. The time in your cycle therefore expires.

Another reason for a drier vagina is the transition. Less estrogen is produced and as a result the mucus-producing cells in the vagina are less active. Finally, an underlying cause can also play a role.

Make it yourself

Commercial lubricants have quite a few drawbacks. They often contain substances that you do not want in your butt plug and they often leave residues that are not romantic to wash out of your bush the next morning. Or out of your sheets. They are therefore not suitable if you do not use them out of romantic but for practical reasons for example, to insert your menstrual cup or to keep the daily moisturizing a little bit. It can be made in different ways and is very easy. Grab your pancake, put on your waitress’s uniform and let’s go!


It is very simple: Linseed has mucus, more than you and me together. They are released when you cook them. Take 2 tablespoons Linseed whole, not broken and a good mug of water. Put them in a pan and put it on the stove until it boils. Let it simmer for a while until it becomes slimy. Throw it through a tea strainer and let it cool down. It can be kept for about a week in the fridge.

Aloe vera


If you find it too much trouble to cook your lubricant, then there is a plant that she already has ready-made for you. The Aloe vera is a healthy plant that has experienced quite hype. Pay attention therefore that you get the good plant at a garden center. They do well on the windowsill and then make thick leaves. Cut a leaf and peel it. That is important, because there is bitter, yellow juice just under the skin. The gel is wrapped around the slimy, transparent plant material.


This is quite simple: just take a bottle of olive oil to bed or a jar of coconut oil for a tropical night. Works fine, but gives stains and you cannot use it in combination with condoms or toys, because latex and silicone cannot stand fat.

Glycerin and xanthenes gum

This way requires a little more search, because you have to buy the ingredients. But once you have them at home, you can make fresh lubricant within a minute, 100% natural and with a pleasant consistency. Make sure you have vegetable glycerin; often you can buy the ingredients at a natural shop or old-fashioned drugstore.

The recipe is simple: 1 tablespoon of vegetable glycerin, a half teaspoon xanthenes gum (stirring until everything is dissolved) and then 1 tablespoon of water (stirring again). Voila: lubricant on the spot without vegetable hippie rituals. One disadvantage: glycerin attracts moisture, and can therefore dry out precious parts. Not everyone suffers from that, but that is a matter of trying.

Since you do not add a preservative, you can only store all these lubricants for a short time maximum one week in the refrigerator.

With all this home care you can choose to add ingredients that increase the appetite. You can use essential oil of spearmint for a cool stimulus experience or clove for a warm sensuous stimulus. But beware, because on the quantities you see above, one drop of essential oil is far too much! So know what you are doing and only use good quality oil. Alternatively, you can also add a minimum amount of pepper clove or ginger powder. It is less strong but yet tasty.