How Can You Avoid Allergic Reaction from Latex?

According to a survey, half of the women have sex with their clothes on: here are the sexy accessories to wear for pleasure

A skirt curled on the hips, a t-shirt rose to discover the breasts…

Having sex with clothes on has always had a very particular eroticism, dictated by the haste and the need for an instinct that cannot wait for the body to undress to seek union, to seek pleasure. It is the representation of the passion that upsets even the most punished.

It is therefore not surprising to read that, according to a survey conducted by on 1500 people, 50% of women prefer to have sex with at least one garment on them and that 54% of them claim to do so for a “question of image” “, which men do not mind at all (36%), just because they do not take off (completely) the clothes – even the pants, just lower them – adds a thrill of transgression to sex. Perhaps, this being the case, we should not even talk about clothes or lingerie, rather, sexy accessories.

At this point, it is important to ask what to wear : 68% prefer the bra , 69% a negligee , 40% high heels and 31% a pair of culottes , even sporty, from the look a bit ‘masculine. With the use of the Inflatable latex, as offered by laidtex, the options are perfect now.

If you want to dare, I also suggest:

  • Atie, with which you can also improvise some bondage games
  • A men’s shirt, stolen from him to smell it and leave yours as a reminder
  • A colored wig or a mask (even if they are not actual clothes)
  • A pair of stockings or a garter belt

Obviously without anything underneath. They make their “slut” figure


Intervention / The erotic fantasies are an excellent starting engine of desire and sexual excitement. Sometimes they have the form of images, of small red light films for “personal use”.

They can be intentionally recalled to increase the excitement itself, during a love act or masturbation, or they can come suddenly, leaving us surprised and sometimes even upset, above all, when to the imagination is added the component of the forbidden, even inner prohibition.

At first glance, erotic fantasies may seem paradoxical. If we observe them closely, we actually discover that in them we tend to live what in our daily life remains in the shade and that we tend to compensate in that way.

So, to be clear, those in life have many responsibilities, including work, dreams, for example, to be subdued by a woman or a dominant man; the janitor of being a rich businessman who has at his feet various irresistible women; the most extreme feminist to be taken strongly; the husband of a brunette with big breasts imagines a blonde with small breasts, and so on..

The various serologicalresearches, from the 80s onwards, have widely revealed the contents of the most common erotic fantasies between men and women. For men : making love with a partner different from their own; to make and receive oral sex; make love with two women or watch them as they flirt with each other; have an adventure with a stranger; raping a prostitute; make a couple exchange; make love with a pregnant woman; having group sex; being “enslaved” and subdued by a woman.

  • For women, the most recurring fantasies emerged are: being taken strongly or submissively; to make and receive oral sex; make love with another woman; make love with two men; exchange the partner; go around without slip; have more orgasms and in different ways; to seduce a man in front of his woman; do something forbidden and in unusual places; have an adventure with a black man or remember previous experiences.
  • What we imagine is not always part of what we would like to put into practice in our sexuality: it is here that we find the difference between what belongs to the narrowest sphere of desire, from what remains most in the mental sphere of fantasy.
  • To simplify, we “insiders”, we tend to distinguish fantasies in three categories: 1. those that identify with a specific desire, which one wants to realize and act in one’s life; 2. those that closely touch it, and that under certain conditions of protection and security, one would like to explore; 3. those obsessive fantasies (fortunately extremely reduced in percentage) that in some cases recall a traumatic event, in an attempt to rework it and overcome it.
  • The erotic imagery is an important indicator of psychosexual well-being, so much so that those who specialize in sexology often use it to support individuals and couples to overcome any sexual dysfunction present (not organic), such as: the decline in desire, erectile dysfunction (1 man in 5, – an increasingly frequent phenomenon even among under- 40s); premature ejaculation (2 to 4 out of 10); female anorgasmia (2 out of 10 women).

It still happens too often, however, that sexual fantasies are experienced with feelings of guilt and shame. Especially when the subject of the imagination is not made up of one’s partner.


Research and good clinical practices show, on the contrary, that the longer a relationship is lasting, the more partners need to resort to “divergent”fantasies, with a protagonist of his own fantasy different from his own.

Studies and scientific research, related to sexual imagery, show that, with the end of the falling-in-love phase, even after 2 years of cohabitation or stable couples, there is a tendency to “replace ” sometimes one’s boyfriend, the his partner with the unknown, the actress, the neighbor … The reasons are physiological .

Changing partners in their fantasies is not a betrayal. It only serves to keep the desire burning, to “put some pepper” in one’s relationship and to preserve the couple itself.

If both partners are trapped in a monotonous sexual routine, sharing their erotic fantasies can help: make one another or the other of their erotic universe more aware; to liven up the relationship; create new foundations in terms of complicity and play, and rekindle the ardor of the past.

When the phase of ‘ falling in love ends physiologically, the desire to transgress spontaneously emerges, to explore some of those fantasies that appear with greater insistence.

For modesty, embarrassment or shame of being misjudged by the other, it is silent. The erotic-sexual relationship enters a stalemate, with some knock-on effects on the couple’s relationship, which gradually wears off.

The vitality of the couple flattens out. The need arises to resort to the outside, in secret, and find a lover to experience what the couple cannot live and achieve.