What’s The Hype with Vintage Sex Toys?

Sex toys include not only stimulants, but also sex furniture and even underwear. However, if there are no questions to the latter – take them and carry them, then there are obviously questions to the first paragraph.

By type of use, we will divide stimulators into three groups: classic toys imitating a member balls (anal, vaginal), double strap-ons.

Classic Toys

The first group of vintage sex toys includes dildos, plugs, and vibrators. The sex toys for men include such a device as prostate stimulants. We also rank him in this category. The rules for these toys are as follows. When unpacking, you need to clean the device according to the instructions. Cleaning must also be carried out before and after use. What means for this to use are always indicated.

Before use, you should examine the texture of the device with your hands in order to get used to it. If you have a vibrator in your hands, it is advised to first try it on erogenous zones. Move them, check the intensity of work. And only then immerse. Moreover, to introduce a vibrator into yourself should be at low speed especially if you do it for the first time.

For Women

As with regular sex, sex toys for women should be injected only if the vagina or anus is sufficiently moist. In a situation with different sexual devices, you can use your own lubricant or water-based lubricant. Butt plugs owned by call girls are the common types.

Anal and vaginal balls

These toys are identical in name, but completely different in form. A pair of heavy balls, like the one at lovegasm, is used for the vagina. They allow you to have fun while playing with them and having sex with your partner in the future. The thing is that these balls train the muscles of the vagina. In terms of hygiene, they are treated the same way as with classic toys.

Anal balls are a few balls on a plastic string. They are injected alternately and slowly into the anus. Pull out with the same caution. Do not use alternately for anal and vaginal passage.

Double Strap on: Sex Toys for Two

Double strap-ons are modern sex toys for two. Allow to enjoy at the same time. Often used by lesbian couples. One end of the strap-on is inserted into the dominant partner in the vagina or anus, and the other into the subordinate. The couple chooses who moves or who moves the strapon arm. The toy requires exactly the same care as any vaginal toys. Do not use silicone grease for silicone products.


It is often wrongly imagined that Cro-Magnon’s men were stupid, brutal and idiotic. Do you deceive, in the Upper Paleolithic, there was already evidence of refinement including in the erotic universe. As evidence, a phallus of polished stone found during archaeological excavations in the region of Ulm, Germany, would be the oldest sextoy in the world. Dated 28,000 years ago, the sex object is 20 cm long (7.8 inches) and 3 cm wide (1.1 inches). We do not know in which context this artificial phallus was used, but its function is undeniable.

It is also during this period, in the Upper Paleolithic, that Venus begins to appear, like that of Willendorf (25 000 years), with its apparent feminine sexual attributes. Maybe they were used to excite men of the time, much like our erotic magazines and our pornographic sites.

Already in the Neolithic, the sexual objects are more sophisticated and the representation more faithful to reality as this phallus carved in antler, found during archaeological excavations in Sweden, which dates back 6,000 years.

In ancient times, the use of sexual objects is already more widespread. Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese used occasional artificial phalluses to give themselves pleasure.

However, it will be necessary to wait until 1902 for the first commercially available electric vibrator, a creation of the Hamilton Beach Company, which will provide the women with new sensations although the device was not very erotic at first glance.

The 5 most popular sex toys of women and how not to be permanently replaced by them

In adult films, sex toys are very popular. In real life, it’s another story. It’s not all women who play with vibrators and other things like that. However, that does not mean that no woman uses it. According to 2010 statistics from, 44% of women ages 18 to 60 have ever used a sex toy. It’s almost one in two women. The statistics do not say if all these women were single, but there are probably some who used one of these machines when they were in a relationship. We do not want to alarm you, gentlemen, but your spouse may have one. Who knows? Maybe she already showed you?

Some men may be afraid, some day, to become obsolete and to be replaced in whole or in part by one of these silicone objects. To reassure you, we will show you five sex toys popular among women, and most importantly, what to do, not to be replaced by them (even if there is little chance that it happens).

The vibrator

It is undoubtedly the most popular toy. Very reliable, and offered in different sizes, the vibrator offers a lot of freedom to madam. She can choose the speed and vary the pressure.

How to replicate: You will be able to play with the intensity of the report. Start slowly and gradually increase the pace. You can go back to the sweetness before going off again fiercely. You can also change position and ask her what she prefers.

The “ball”

It is a small vibrator as big as a thumb and sometimes reminiscent of a shell. It was designed to stimulate his “bean”, which can allow him to reach orgasm in a fairly short time (obviously, it can vary from one woman to another …).

How to replicate: Instead of wanting to take off your bobbles and get on it, take your time. Make your hands shiny. Go between his legs. Do not hesitate to make her languish. Take breaks. When you feel that you have long enough, go with your hand or with your tongue.

The “rabbit”

It is a vibrator with two “rods”: one to simulate the “coffee bean” of the lady and the other for the point G. It is therefore more intense than a normal vibrator.

How to replicate: Instead of always focusing in the same place, vary the pleasures. Do not be afraid to stimulate two places at the same time, both during the preliminaries and during the act.

The dildo (or “dildo”)

Sometimes women also like simplicity. This is where the dildo comes in. This is what comes closest to a man’s gear. But then, why would she use that?

How to replicate: Try to involve him more. Ask her if the intensity, movement or depth are correct for her. Maybe she was just too shy to talk about it before.


This is not a real sex toy, but some women like to use this kind of accessories when they are alone.

How to replicate: You can simply see with her if she wants to use it during the report. At worst, you can go shopping in a sex shop. You will find all kinds of products made for couples, like chocolate showers or massage products that smell of fruit. It may bring some spice to your couple!


Remember, if you have found a sex toy in her dresser that does not mean she is not satisfied. Maybe she just wants to explore her body and find out what kind of stimulation she prefers.

Of course, we just showed you how to “replicate” a sex toy, but in reality we just wanted you to see the discovery of a vibrator in a more positive than negative way. In short, we wanted you to ask questions about what happens in the bedroom at night and see if you could bring a little spice to your relationship.

In fact, if a woman really came to replace you with one of these things, it would probably hide a much deeper problem in the couple (either from you or from her). After all, it’s a little unhealthy to prefer a rubber object to flesh.